Fundraising helps support programming and funds adventures for our members

Every fall we run a Scouts Popcorn campaign that supports our youth, our group, our provincial Council, and the No One Left Behind Program.


You can also make a donation to local Scouting.   The steps to make a donation to our club are as follows:


  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Enter a donation amount
  3. Within the box “Include a message for this charity” state – Please direct my funds to the 163rd Winnipeg Scouts Group
  4. Click continue with my donation
  5. Fill out your donor and payment information on the following page
  6. Upon completing your information, click on “Complete Donation Now”
  7. You will be sent a tax receipt at the conclusion of the process – our club will be mailed the proceeds (less a merchant card charge) from our regional office in Calgary.