A Question of Uniforms

I’ve had some questions from perspective and registered families regarding what is needed uniform wise. I thought our website might be a good place to post some links and information to help out in the process…


Unofirms (and a whole lot of other things) can be purchased via the online Scout Shop:


This site is full of useful things. Items like crests and kub karts will be ordered and supplied by the group. There are a few things each youth will need to order for themselves.

We have several meetings throughout the year where uniform is required. The first of these is investiture where we ceremonially welcome and invest new members and members who are moving up from one section to another. Others include Remembrance Day at the Convention Centre (youth and Scouters participate in the march past), parties like Baden Powel and public hikes like JOTT. Typically we wear uniforms to all meetings unless otherwise specified.

For sizing there is a chart on the shop website:  http://www.scoutshop.ca/Page/fitting_room.html You can also check with returning members to see what certain sizes look like.

So what do you need by Investiture? (October 25th)

– vest
– hat
– Non metallic water bottle (can be purchased anywhere)

– long sleeved grey uniform shirt
– Cub book (bring to every meeting)
– Non metallic water bottle (can be purchased anywhere)

– long sleeved green uniform shirt
– Scout book (bring to every meeting)
– Non metallic water bottle (can be purchased anywhere)

– Red uniform shirt
– PRC (police record check)
– Non metallic water bottle

Note for any volunteers registering. You need to order your own shirt but you should save your receipt and submit to the group. This also applies to your PRC. Volunteers participating ‘on the floor’ with youth should wear a uniform. You can be a ‘shirtless’ volunteer and help out with planning, preparation, and maintaining adult/youth ratio. Contact me for more details regarding volunteering.

Provided by group at investiture:
– Necker
– Woggle
– Crests: provincial, area, group, (lodge for Beavers)

Additional supplies, for individual section meetings, will likely be recommended by your section leaders on an ongoing basis. (For example Scouts come to meetings with a kit containing first aid supplies, fire starting, a pocket knife, a compass… etc.)

One last thing: It is very important that youth dress for the weather. Outdoor activities are a fundamental element of Scouting and we don’t wilt at inclement weather. If you have any questions about what your child needs for an event please check with a Scouter.

– Robbie