THANK YOU … Spring Camp 2014

So much appreciation is due to the Scouters and Volunteers that made our Spring camp a success:

Camp Chief:Robbie Melvin
Assistant Camp Chief:  Scott Brandt
Planning and Advice:  Liz Albani
Canoe Master:  Neil Wojciechowski
Akela, Charcoal Wrangler:  Patrick Fitch
Collector of all things craft and food:  Karen Latimer
Keeper of the Coffee, leader of song:  Jason Einarson
Orienteering, Stasher of the Cache:  Alex Albani
Campfire MC, Man of Cheer:  Tristan Bourrier
Assistant Campfire Entertainment, Lady of the Cheer:  Stefania Ulici
Indaba Hour, Gatherer of the Chiefs:   Gavin Findlay
Kid Wrangling, and forgotten items:   Michael van Leirop
Mascot Extraordinaire: Bear


Keepers of the peace:

Val & Erron Hill
Steve Gallagher
John & Angie Tramburg
Grant Quinn
Duane Johnstone
Brian Wawryk
Melissa Baker

Send those pictures in!

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