Make Flubber – Recipe

Per Youth:
• ¾ cup cold water
• 1 cup white school glue
• food colouring
• ½ cup hot water
• 1 tsp Borax (laundry aisle)
• 2 small dishes to start mixing in – recommend pre-measure glue
• Plastic bag to take finished Flubber home in
• Table cloth or two – can get a little messy
• Portable water containers
• Measuring tools
• Buckets for excess water
• Doing this at a table doesn’t hurt.
1) In bowl 1 – mix cold water, glue and food colouring
2) In bowl 2 mix hot water and borax until borax is dissolved
3) Slowly add glue mix to borax mix – kneed with hands.- pour off exess water


Make Flubber Vibrate
• Flubber
• Portable speaker of a descent size – computer speakers with sub works well
• ipod or other audio device
• plastic wrap
• some songs
• some recorded music with a bit of base to it.

1) Set up your audio equipment
2) Have kids sing a song or two… something with loud and soft bits to it
a. Sugestions:
3) Record maybe some other noices
4) Cover audio equipment with plastic wrap.
5) Place flubber on plastic wrap, over the largest speaker cone
6) Play audio and watch the Flubber dance!

Don’t forget to clean up!